The single player and multiplayer versions of the Soda Distribution Game are free. If you sign up for a free account, you get access to your game results history and the premium Multigame feature for sixteen parallel games (up to 64 players).

You don't need to have an account to play the Soda Distribution Game. If you create an account, you get access to your past game results and can thus track your improvement. You can then also facilitate the Multigame with 1-64 players.

The Soda Distribution Game was build with the Business Prototyping Toolkit, our Open Source Framework for building interactive simulations. You can find our Soda Game repository on GitHub.

In the multiplayer version you can play the Soda Game in teams of 1-4 players. The player who starts the game becomes the game admin who can invite the remaining players to the game. Each of these players takes on one of the roles in the soda supply chain (either the factory, or the distributor, or the wholesaler or the retailer) – the game admin can assign the roles freely.

No, you can assign artifical players (AI players), so you can play with 1-4 players. If you play with just one player, you can choose which position you would like to take in the supply chain. If you choose to play the retailer, the multiplayer game is behaves exactly like the single player game.

Play the multiplayer version against 3 artificial players. Instead of playing the retailer, play one of the other roles. Or play the Multigame with just 1 player and choose an advanved preset.

The multigame version of the Soda Game let's you play multiple single or multiplayer version of the Soda Game in parallel. The game is set up by a Soda Game facilitator, who typically does not take part in the game herself. Upon starting the game, the Soda Game facilitator receives a lobby code, which she passes on to the players. The players can then join the games using the lobby code and the facilitator assigns the players to the games and to their role. Once all player slots are filled, the facilitator can start all games. Once all games are finished, the facilitator can compare the results of the individual games.

Currently the multigame is limited to sixteen parallel games of 1-4 players each. If you need more, please let us know.

Each game in the multigame needs at least one human player. Therefore, you can play the multigame with just one player.

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