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Experience the complexity of managing dynamic systems with audiences of any size.

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Benefits: Much More than a Supply Chain Simulation

Complex Dynamic Systems

Experience the complexity of managing dynamic systems such as supply chain

Data-driven Decision Making

Improve your data-driven decision making skills and try to reach the game targets

Models, simulations and ML

Learn how to model complex systems, build interactive simulations and use machine learning to make automated decisions

Bullwhip Effect

Experience the bullwhip effect known from real-life supply chains in a simulated environment

We've Got It All Covered for You!

Learning by Doing
Give your participants the opportunity to experience what it feels like to be in real-world scenarios. We believe practicing is the best way to teach skills, especially when it’s also fun.
Educational and Guideful
Ensure that players from all skill levels are capable of taking part thanks to the tips that are embedded inside games. They take players by the hand and guide them through every step and situation.
Performance Dashboard
Get real-time statistics and data during and after games. This lets you track progress and give advice to individuals. You can export this data to CSV, JSON and PDF.
Quick and Easy to Set-up
Little is required of you and players to get started. Set up new games in 2 minutes with a few clicks and get going! Players can join by scanning QR codes - no accounts required for them.
Works on all Devices
Anyone with any device can join your game. Our Soda Game works on every platform: desktop, mobile phones and tablets. In addition to that, you don’t need to download any app.
All Group Sizes
Host big games which include hundreds of players participating simultaneously. This is possible thanks to our dynamic technology. Smaller groups are also of course supported as well!
Controllable Settings
Have full control over your games. That includes the number of rounds, player allocation, delivery delays, and other advanced features. This makes the game more exciting and less predictable.
Growing and Evolving
We are constantly working on improving and optimizing our Soda Game even further. Your ideas and feedback are very welcome. More exciting features coming very soon. Stay tuned!

This digital version of the Soda Distribution Game is provided by transentis

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